Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Sausages and Socks

Here is a video of us playing a bit of one of our possible new songs called 'my sun hat' which we keep meaning to play live but forgetting.

Q: Why do you have your tops off?
A: because it's very very hot in the room.

Q: Why do you have socks over the microphones?
A: because we keep getting electric shocks on our lips from the dodgy PA system

And here is a video of peter and peter in peter's house. As usual, completely mundane. I really have to find something more interesting to post. Is a mundane post better than no post at all? Discuss.


  1. my sun hat seems to be a great song.
    you are great musicians and i love all about pete and the pirates.

  2. of course a mundane post is better than no post!! totally out of question!! so keep posting!! :)
    looks really funny, cycling in the living room... :)

  3. I really hope those socks were clean. hahaha. Love the song and can't wait for moreeee!
    Love the videos too. You know what they say... One man's black and white is another man's technicolor...