Monday, 20 July 2009

From the Vault

Here are some really really interesting photos that I plucked at random from our past....

D. Thorpe writes a set list

Jonny and Connan Mockasin, from when we were on tour together.... the long lost brothers

Our old van.... if you sat here you were a dick.

This is Pete and I driving to somewhere at some point in history but I think it must have been Christmas cos pete has santa hat on. ???

Jonny likes to experiment with masks.

Pete doing some recording of some demo in my room.


  1. besides the songs another thing i really like about pete and the pirates: you're very handsome guys.

  2. esta chido la foto
    donded estas con la guitarra
    en las piernas y
    los pedales y todo eso

  3. Jonny is good at buttering toast in photographs