Wednesday, 1 July 2009

P- p - put it on the blog...

Can i put it on the blog? Yes i can!

Some slightly more interesting posts coming up from me later on, i promise! In fact mega film montage from my phone that i'm working on...



  1. Jonny,
    My name's Sandy McKee. I did an interview with you and the guys last Autumn at the Birmingham leg of your Youth Music dates. I have a track which I've been meaning to send to one of you since, it's a recording of Mr Understanding which you played for me in the Cloakroom. If there is an email address which I can send it over to then I will get on it asap.
    Hope you're well and album 2 is well on the way!

  2. Meant to put you can get in touch via message on Facebook or comment back on this. Ta.