Thursday, 28 May 2009

SXSW treat!

So here's a clip of when we played the Bablegum / Dig For Fire lawn party in SXSW...This song is called Things That Go Bump...


(couldn't figure out how to embed it sorry...)

All my Love,


Monday, 25 May 2009

P_A_T_P_@_the_ ALBANY

In the not too distant past, we played a show at the Albany Theatre in Deptford - not an area normally associated with live music, but it's a great venue. Hopefully we'll get to go back there soon.

webpeteandthepirates-(15-of-20) by The Polstar*.

The lobby was full of people selling cakes and jewellery and the like, which was an interesting change from your average gig. The excellent photographs are by polstar.

Pete and the Pirates by The Polstar*.

We played a few of the songs that will potentially be going on the new album- we're constantly changing our minds about which will make the final list. New ones keep emerging all the time too so the list fluctuates massively, plus there's 5 different opinions about it.
So at the bottom are 3 songs from the evening which have been given for us to use- Motorbike is one of the new ones. The others you might know from Little Death.
Thanks to everyone who came to see us play.

Pete and the Pirates by The Polstar*.


Lost in the Woods


Eyes Like Tar

Hope you enjoy. Back soon.


OXXOO Live at the Albany 23rd April 2009 Mixed and Mastered by Mikko Gordon and James Bulley

Monday, 11 May 2009

3 days in

Why, hello!

We are three days into the coxon tour, and it's going good. The good things about the tour are this:

Graham is nice
We have beds in our van
I've started drinking beer again
I've started smoking again
Pete and Jonny both have birthdays on whilst on tour
We get to play our fun new songs

some of the bad things:

The van has a top speed of 55 mph
It's starting to smell funny
We are going to kill each other

most of the dates have sold out (cos we're playing, obviously) but come see us at one of them if you can. The venues are intimate and 'vibey' ha ha, and we've played most of them before, so it's good to go back. We're especially looking forward to the Cluny in Newcastle.

God protect us, see you soon.
patp x

Sunday, 3 May 2009


On thursday we are going to set sail again on a small 10 date tour with a man called Graham Coxon who played in band you may have heard of called blur. We're vey vey happy to be supporting him for these shows.
Look out for a cranky old hippy bus.... that's what we're gonna be travelling in. Sound like fun fun fun. Apparently it's all lined with red fur. Sexy.

We are trying to whittle down a large list of songs at the moment into something that will resemble an album. Life in a band seems to go in cycles... writing, recording, touring. I love it all, and the past couple of months have been really good for developing these new songs. Lot's of hard work and trying to get some perspective. We're all pretty anxious to get into the studio now which should be happing in a couple of months. Don't know where or who with yet.

For anyone who actually reads this blog, apologies for the crapness and sporadic nature of the posts.... they are going to get bigger and better. Maybe.