Wednesday, 29 July 2009

New Album Nerves


On Monday we go into the studio for the first part of the recording of Album No.2. I am listening to the demos at the moment and it's quite exciting. After rehearsing for so long it's nice to have some time to reflect on the songs and try and take them in from an almost objective perspective. I am hopefully that people will like it!

We have nearly narrowed down the tracklist but nothing concrete yet. There'll be plenty of new songs that hopefully people won't have heard..and some they will, if you are a keen patp gig goer that is!

No release date as yet. First part of next year perhaps? Lets get it recorded first eh?


Jonathan Of The Pirate Clan


  1. Abjective, young man, unless you plan to object to all your new material.

    Hurry up and record the damned thing, let's have a Pixies approach and record an album a year please.

  2. No, you're right, objective it is. Forget I said anything.

    Love your work, by the way

  3. I can't wait to hear the new material. I am loving the Jennifer/Blood Gets Thin singles.