Sunday, 5 July 2009

The top of my Head

Our blog has 26 followers. There is a special prize for whoever is follower no. 27. I haven't decided what the prize is yet. It might be quite underwhelming. I feel we need some more followers though. I'm not even sure what it means to follow a blog. I am listening to Augustus Pablo in my bedroom and its sounding sweeeet. I have high ceilings which lend a certain sonic je ne sais quoi as the Germans say. Little Pete is coming to Hackney tomorrow where Pete Dog and I live to add his lovely voice noises to our latest demos, of which there are 16 so far.

Whittling them down into a concise 12/13/14/acceptable album length is going to be a really tough and unpleasant job. We love them all, see. But i guess the ones that don't go on will make great B sides/special rarities! I've included some random photographs from fuck knows when to liven up this bla bla bla from the top of my head. The one above is I think from an acoustic set that me and pete did once at the lock tavern years ago. Pete is holding some kind of African shakey percussion instrument that smelled of poo. We got paid 1oo quid and got really drunk.

The other photos are from a gig we played in our Pyjamas at the Rising sun in Reading. A long long time ago. It was one of my favourite shows, - I can't recommend performing in PJs highly enough, it's very liberating and in the summer months it feels so nice and airy.

(above) when Pete perspires, his spectacles are prone to slipping from his face leading to lack of clear vision of microphone, crowd and guitar, so the move that you see him performing here is the 'mid chord glasses push on' which many other glasses wearing performers including Bono and Graham Coxon have tried to immitate but never to the same effect as Pete.

One for the ladies. Jonny in Cowskin print pyjama bottoms.

back soon.


  1. Little Pete needs to attach a string to his glasses. A friend of mine uses that solution to keep his glasses on. He chose a thread color to blend in with his hair.

    Thanks for the last shot of Jonny. Not a bad way to wake up in the morning ;-).

  2. I concur, even though obviously it's not *just* for the ladies =P.