Thursday, 30 July 2009

Non piratic posts

On Sunday I saw this:

It was fookin' good. Nisenenmondai are a Japanese 3 piece girl band from Tokyo and I've been wanting to see them for ages. They were playing well near my house so I went even though i hadn't been to bed the night before and was feeling tired and rough. They woke me up. It's not exactly easy listening. I bought a pink t shirt.

They were supported by an equally great band called Bo Ningen, also Japanese. Who in places reminded quite a lot of this band:

Who are on our label, and who are VERY good.

Then on Tuesday Jonny showed me this:

which made me chuckle. (although i didn't understand what it was at first cos i'm a bit thick)

Other exciting news.... is that as Jonny pointed out were are about to go into the studio with our extremely itchy fingers to make a BRILLIANT SECOND ALBUM. People go on about second albums being difficult, living up to the first one etc. I don't think it's going to be a problem for us!!! (this is self-assured confidence, not arrogance)

roll on August....


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