Friday, 17 July 2009

Peter's Big Organ

Until I or another band member has something more substantial and relevant to post, silly video clips will have to do. Me and Pete took a break from mixing today so he could show me his organ. I went into a trance.

By the way, we really enjoyed our gig at the borderline on Wednesday. To everyone who was there, big up yourselves. To those who weren't.... where were you?? doesn't matter, it was sold out.


  1. The silly video clips will have to do for someone like myself who is too far away to see you at the Borderline.
    I learned that I have converted another friend in Austin TX into a PATP fan (she sent me a message after she watched a YouTube clip on my MySpace page).
    It's been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for a month now. Are you sure you still want to move here ? ;-)

  2. Glad it was such a good gig, is the borderline a big or small venue?

  3. lovin your stuff. seen you 4 times now .... cant wait for the new album ..... best of luck ...... sell it big but dont sell out

  4. Borderline gig was ace. Nice and intimate. Especially when Tommy said he wanted to play with the audience in a sexual way. Or something like that

  5. ive been meaning to track you guys down and post something to you. This gig honestly changed my life, it was amazing. My girlfriend and i were on holiday in london and we love PATP so we had to go, we came from New Jersey. after the show we went out for dinner but when we were in the underground about to head home we ran into the band and it was incredible! it was like meeting heros. Cant wait for the US tour..