Wednesday, 25 March 2009

In the meantime

As I'm waiting for more relevant musical stuff to upload.... I wanted to share (not literally) my cat with anyone who cares. I sometimes forget how funny she when she sleeps. I don't even like cats that much. Dogs are better, right? Can i have one of those? She has black freckles on her nose. What a freak.

David's SXSW summary

i liked:
Micachu and the Shapes
Ms Bea's (fun bar with a shack out the back with bands playing)
Argentinian Steak
Dinosaur Jr's Amps
Lets Wrestle's new song about true love
BBQ Pork Tenderloin
Wearing a headband

i didn't like:

stupid cameramen employed by blackberry
bad english bands from england
trying to get a taxi home at night

My Great Movie

Instead of uploading loads of little clips, I thought I'd just upload one massive manageable montage.  Enjoy.

Monday, 23 March 2009

What I saw

On the last night I found myself again in Ms Beas, where we'd played the night before.
I caught sets from these 2 bands, Cristal Stilts and Thee Oh Sees. This is how all gigs should be; played outside in people's yards on warm summer evenings.

At WOXY fm

Our very first excursion in Texas was a stop at the East Austin Recording studio for a session with WOXY fm who we thank very much for having us.

Also for your listening pleasure, one of the tracks we recorded for them, called Good Girl.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Beef Haze

Here's the results of our meal in the Iron Works...


So here we are, it's been two whole days and this is our first post. 
We've been recording events and things we're doing and will upload videos and photos as we go.
Here's the first:

Today me and Tommy got up early after having 3 hours sleep, we went to do an interview in the sun down an alley. Last night we were supposed to do an acoustic gig at 3.30 am but we got there and it was just a bunch of people standing in a carpark banging for some.
Later on we have two gigs, the second one is with Dinosaur Jr, and Peter Bjorn and John...

So far we've done seven gigs and we ate some ribs. Yesterday outside Iron works rib house we entered into a beef haze, but we've mostly recovered now.  

See the next post for what happened....

Jonny + Pete....x

Monday, 16 March 2009

My bag is packed. I have my passport and my guitar.
David is going to meet us at the airport. Will he get up in time?

We went to south by southwest 2 years ago and had an unforgettable time. Unfortunately the one and only Peter Hefferan - quite a crucial person in the band - wasn't able to join us as he was refused a working visa..... this time he has one, so all five of us will be there to represent this fine island. Along with the other 80 or so English bands that are going out there!

So we'll quite literally keep you posted. And don't be jealous. Think of the liver damage.....

Tommy / PATP xx

This is what happened when I tried to make a documentary about how the work on the new album was going.

Monday, 9 March 2009

this is me

hello this is exciting isn't's a picture i drew for the blog opening...

jonny pirate


this is our brand new blog, which we will be updating as often as possible with whatever comes to mind i suppose,
ready steady go...