Friday, 18 December 2009


My favourite name of any continent.

Apparently people make good money from directing people who read their blog to certain products and services.... we don't but we probably could. I just want to share!!!!! ---->

As we have said before, we played in Reading on Sunday, and part of the fun of the whole night was the pre gig meal that we had.

In the Global Cafe on London Street, there is a Woman called Tutu, who cooks fantastic Ethiopian cuisine. Her venture is called 'Tutu's Ethiopian Table' and this is her website.

In case you were unsure, Tutu is the lady between me and jonny. See! look how happy we all look. I look happy anyway.
So if, like me, you weren't sure of what Ethiopian food is like, it's hearty and tasty, and it's served on something that me and david thought were towels or serviettes but are actually some kind of bread/pancake that you can wrap around your food a bit, and eat. Tastes really good.

So if you live in or around Reading, go in and meet Tutu and EAT HER FOOD!

They also serve Tusker beer (which I think is african- Kenyan ?) which immediately became one of my favourite beers in the whole world.

.....IN OTHER NEWS.......

We are doing some more work with David.M.Allen, who recorded our songs Blood Get's Thin and Jennifer. He's been hanging out with us a lot, coming to listen to us practise, and generally being a very wise man. (note... this probably has something to do with our new album. but not saying too much)

We are also about to embark on a merchandise madness scheme where we get very very creative and hand make all of our merch, it WILL be the coolest merch you can get. Keep watching this space for more info.....

Wow, two posts in one day, i'm exhausted.


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