Friday, 18 December 2009

The geese are getting fat

Hello everybody

It's very cold in my basement flat and there is a pathetic layer of snow/frost/sludge outside my window. How i wish it could be Christmas every day.

So as mentioned, our recent 'christmas' shows have been going down a real treat. To those who came to Reading, Tooting and last night's Kilburn gig at the Luminaire, thank you.

Last night's show was put on by the guys who run Song Kick, which if you are an ardent live music fan, might be an invaluable web of intrigue for you. It basically shows 'gigographies' of bands you love so you can view photos, vids, set lists etc that users upload. It really seems to cover all elements of live music. I now sound like i'm really plugging it, which i am, but only cos I think it's good.


Last night we played with Riz Mc who was very entertaining and a very nice man. And also Stairs to Korea, who showed what could be done with a midi guitar, very educational, a master of effects pedals. Coincidentally, we both played 'silent night' in out sets, they were 2 very contrasting versions though.

Our friend Pooneh who we met in New York around March has been visiting London, and continuing her admiralbe quest of capturing bands and music via the beautiful medium of Polaroid, and other quirky unusaul cameras. None of this digital nonsense. She came to our show at the Tram and Social in Tooting Bec, South of the River (a venue/pub which is well worth a visit) and took some stunning (i think) photos. Here is her website

I've interspersed some of Pooneh's photos through this blog, I haven't asksed her yet if she minds me putting them up but I don't think she will..........?

Well we don't have anymore shows before Christmas, so see you in 2010 - ah the first time i've written 2010. need to get used to it. not yet though. If we don't post again before christmas, have a good one. Love thy neighbour. x


  1. You forgot the most vital part of songkicks magic, it helps you find gigs to go to, you can track artists, festivals, venues, and other gig mad people. I have met some fantastic people through it and been to gigs I would never of heard about. Songkick is genius, it does however show you how obsessed you are by keeping track on how many times you have been to see certain artists, as you can upload your own gigography. The people who run it are also lovely.

  2. Pooneh is a lovely girl I met in Austin back in the summer of 2008 and still run into her at an occasional gig or festival :)

  3. You are lil freaky Freds guys =)