Sunday, 17 January 2010

Having so merch fun...fresh prints...

sorry about that. genuinely you find Jonny and me in my bedroom, making stuff.

We've been making t shirts to sell at shows for quite a while- mainly cos people always asked us why we never had anything to sell, and also cos Jonny keeps making very nice drawings.

But now we've transcended the loveless process of 'sending the off' to get printed en mass and have started doing it ourselves.

this means we now have a very limited collection of t-shirts, bags and posters. No two of which are quite the same..... ! It's also quite likely that they may have thumb prints, and gong wrong bits on them... this only makes them more desirable - it's the human touch.

I can't work out how to distribute the photos through the post... so they are all clumped together.

We are off to germany, austria and switzy land on wed for a spate of shows. We'll be taking our new goodies with us, so if you're in those ends, come see a show and grab a souvenir!



  1. i can't wait until you play in california!

  2. Damn! I'm stucked in southamerica :(

  3. Damn! I'm stucked in southamerica :( (2)

  4. is that a dead fox i can spy by the you stroke it like a bond villain?!