Saturday, 14 November 2009

welcome back!

hey everybody,
we are all recovered now from our horrible illnesses which is good news.
i suppose it is time for a little update,

we went to NYC for a week to play at a festival called CMJ (more like a SXSW than a Glastonbury type festival)
it was crazy good fun, we ended up doing more shows than we originally planned which was good news, had some very very good food, as well as having good times drinking in bars and such like...
it all seems like a little while ago now so sorry these recollections are a bit vague.
how about a list of some highlights?>

Good things.
1. Playing at The Bell House with Let's Wrestle = a very nice place with chandeliers and photo booths.
2. Seeing JEFF The Brotherhood play = they rock ok
3. Food = Sushi, Pastrami, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Pasta, Chilli Dawg, Cuban Wrap, Pickles, Lil' Frankie's
4. Record shopping = Vaselines, Michael Hurley, Exceptor, Slumberland sampler, Shackleton, The Bats etc.
5. Getting fit = just walk everywhere- it is fun

Okay what next? you ask
well we have a sepcial show to tell you about:
On December the 13th the special Pete and the Pirates Xmas Party/Shindig/Concert is taking place, in good ol' Reading . which everyone should come to, because it is gonna be F-U-N. playing with us are our good friends the excellent Ex-Lovers, who you should definitely all listen too (google them?) as they are great, also a new band from Reading called Worship (featuring ex-members of the band Fox Cubs)who you should be sure to check out too. i believe there will be one more band playing too, but we are yet to decide on who it shall is a flyer:

okay more from us soon
love david pirate

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