Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sorry, Yeah?

I regret not writing anything in the blog for quite a long time. I've just not really felt inclined. But I think the ice is melting now.... jonny just forwarded me a collection of songs we played in Amsterdam. (not this, this is a photograph of us playing a song)

Yes it was good fun, I remember it well now. Holland is quite alright, i reckon i could live there for about 6 months and have a real fun time. Thanks to the fellas who made this little film, it was good fun and they did a great job.

Here it is, so it is.

Amsterdam Acoustics : ''Pete and the Pirates'' on their walk through the city from Mokummercials on Vimeo.

What else can we talk about? The album is coming along.... there is an aspect of um... well we just want to be really careful about releasing something that's right. So basically it's going to take us a bit longer than we might have planned. We aren't capricious, but we are prone to changing our minds about stuff and having great epiphanies. I think at the moment there is a great sense of excitement amongst ourselves... or at least amongst myself. You might not know it to look at my face though, i just always look like that.

this is us at our first gig in NY

and this is David and Wesley Patrick Gonzalez having an arm wrestle. They are both amazingly weak.

As an after thought, here is an interview with TAP TAP (that's me by the way) where there is a song to listen to as well. I might even start a tap tap blog, i'm just not sure i have enought interesting things to say.... !

(click the photo)

Ok that's all then, goodbye again.


  1. Wicked video. Loved hearing some new stuff. The audio video quality was also great, well done Ams. Acu. can't wait to buy your next album.