Monday, 21 September 2009

Almost there, we're almost there

This week is the last week we will be spending in the studio.

all the recording is done, we are now mixing.

I can report that it's sounding sweet. We are all very happy. David has been away on holiday so missed the fun of last week but now he's back and we had a good day today adding the final touches to our new material.

Also today we recorded some brass and although peter is caught here looking sad with a violin, we didn't record any violin.

What more is there to tell.... we are going to Spain early October for a few shows, followed by holland, belgium and that kind of stuff where beer is nice and ther is lots of Nutella, then from Brusells to NYC where I don't really know what happens cos I never been but David says it's good and in the films it seems like a bit like London but with less idiots than London has.

Also end of September (ish) is the release of the new Tap Tap album which is also coming out on Stolen, the first run of which has special limited edtion 'wrong tracks' which don't correspond with the art work due to a phenomenal fuck up at the manufacturing stage. So get your special copy now before it becomes a rarity!!!


  1. Does this mean you'll be playing some shows in NYC?

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  3. yey I have the speacial one ! LOL (I dunno if it is really good, but is cool)