Monday, 15 June 2009

Album II - latest news

We are going to record our next record with Mr. Gareth Parton, who also worked with us on our debut album Little Death. We all feel really comfortable working together, and had a real good time together recording the first time round. It's probably fair to say that we have changed as a band, and Gareth probably has as a producer, so I doubt that album II is going to sound like the first. But it will be frikin good, of course.

from L-R, Dave t, Bobby August, Little Pete, Me, Gareth, Jonny.

We don't know where we're gonna record yet but we're hoping to start in July.

Can't wait.

patp x


  1. i cant wait either.
    i just love your songs. i meet your work last week and i cant stop to hear "she doenst belong to me".
    this song really means a lot to me.
    i live in brazil so forgive me for my bad english, ok?
    speaking of wich... do you have plans to play here someday?


  2. We would love to come to Brazil! We haven't had any offers of gigs over there yet.... but one day...

  3. that would be great. thanks for answer my comment. everday i listen the album litlle dead on my way to work. thanks for make my mornings more happy. shit! i'm looking like one of those boring fans. lol.

  4. Can I just say that I love love love your album and have been checking your site to see if you are ever going to play in Philadelphia or NYC (going to school in one; home is another)--please do a US tour!

  5. I just came home from the concert in Rovereto, Italy... Just wanted to say it was great (and short! hahaha)!
    We hardly see good bands here, and I'm glad I got to know your music! Already told my friends who weren't there tonight to take a look at your website... Hehhehe :)

  6. USA dates planned for end of year, but just a few. A proper toUr is planned for next year sometime... we are all very keen to come over the stretch of water.