Sunday, 3 May 2009


On thursday we are going to set sail again on a small 10 date tour with a man called Graham Coxon who played in band you may have heard of called blur. We're vey vey happy to be supporting him for these shows.
Look out for a cranky old hippy bus.... that's what we're gonna be travelling in. Sound like fun fun fun. Apparently it's all lined with red fur. Sexy.

We are trying to whittle down a large list of songs at the moment into something that will resemble an album. Life in a band seems to go in cycles... writing, recording, touring. I love it all, and the past couple of months have been really good for developing these new songs. Lot's of hard work and trying to get some perspective. We're all pretty anxious to get into the studio now which should be happing in a couple of months. Don't know where or who with yet.

For anyone who actually reads this blog, apologies for the crapness and sporadic nature of the posts.... they are going to get bigger and better. Maybe.



  1. Good fun! I'm really sorry can't go to any of the gigs... I'm a huge fan of GC and of course of you... Best wishes for this adventure... x

  2. I thought that you were coming to Austin to record ;-). Of course, the location isn't the most important thing. Best wishes on the new record wherever you decide to record it. I certainly enjoyed the new tunes muchly during SXSW :-)