Monday, 11 May 2009

3 days in

Why, hello!

We are three days into the coxon tour, and it's going good. The good things about the tour are this:

Graham is nice
We have beds in our van
I've started drinking beer again
I've started smoking again
Pete and Jonny both have birthdays on whilst on tour
We get to play our fun new songs

some of the bad things:

The van has a top speed of 55 mph
It's starting to smell funny
We are going to kill each other

most of the dates have sold out (cos we're playing, obviously) but come see us at one of them if you can. The venues are intimate and 'vibey' ha ha, and we've played most of them before, so it's good to go back. We're especially looking forward to the Cluny in Newcastle.

God protect us, see you soon.
patp x


  1. i love Pete & The Pirates this much

    (i.e. a fuckload)

  2. I really really really really feel jelous about the people that could go... but good luck and I'm sure God will protect you guys... xx

  3. I meant to see you in Manc, didnt have any ID sorry guys.