Friday, 20 March 2009


So here we are, it's been two whole days and this is our first post. 
We've been recording events and things we're doing and will upload videos and photos as we go.
Here's the first:

Today me and Tommy got up early after having 3 hours sleep, we went to do an interview in the sun down an alley. Last night we were supposed to do an acoustic gig at 3.30 am but we got there and it was just a bunch of people standing in a carpark banging for some.
Later on we have two gigs, the second one is with Dinosaur Jr, and Peter Bjorn and John...

So far we've done seven gigs and we ate some ribs. Yesterday outside Iron works rib house we entered into a beef haze, but we've mostly recovered now.  

See the next post for what happened....

Jonny + Pete....x

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