Wednesday, 25 March 2009

David's SXSW summary

i liked:
Micachu and the Shapes
Ms Bea's (fun bar with a shack out the back with bands playing)
Argentinian Steak
Dinosaur Jr's Amps
Lets Wrestle's new song about true love
BBQ Pork Tenderloin
Wearing a headband

i didn't like:

stupid cameramen employed by blackberry
bad english bands from england
trying to get a taxi home at night


  1. I didn't see any of the late night shows at Ms Beas but saw a couple of cool bands there at a day show on Thurs. And the nice security man let me park my car there all day.
    Parking can be a pain during SXSW but being able to drive straight home is better than waiting ages for a taxi.
    I liked the BlackBerry showcase except for the BlackBerry camera people blocking my view. Grrrr.
    You and Graham Coxon back to back at Q Party = brilliant !
    Seeing The Proclaimers, Dan Auerbach (w/ my friends from the band, Hacienda, backing him), and Graham Coxon at Mojo earlier that afternoon + free BBQ and beer = amazing

  2. Dinosaur Jr's amps:

    He's probably got more these days too.