Wednesday, 30 June 2010

People often ask us : ' Excuse me, where is the second album you're supposed to me making?'

Well some stuff happened while we were making it which means we took a bit longer than we hoped, but don't worry --- it's on it's way. Don't know when.

In the meantime, i found this song that we recorded years ago in my room in Reading - it's a cover version of Lets Wrestle's 'Man with Pica Syndrome.

Clicke HERE to doonload it

We don't often play other people's songs so it's quite a nice find. I have no recollection of recording it, and neither does Jonny, but we definitely did. I hope.

I think there is also another cover we once did of a clean song called Tally Ho... i'll try and find that too.

Okay, all the best,
bye bye

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  1. I've got my money set aside for the album when it does come out. Nice cover by the way.