Saturday, 15 August 2009

Big yet Tiny

We are 2 weeks into recording and the songs are sounding great.

We're eating beef and drinking beer which i think is having an effect on how some of the songs are going to sound.

I did a panorama, innit. click on it to make it all big.

yesterday we experimented with tying tissues to guitar strings and playing loud solos through toy amplifiers. Not going to give away too many secrets of our sounds though.

(One of Pete's tricks to getting good sounding takes is to look really fucking cool when recording).

Bobby thanks very much for lending us the guitar and we're really sorry for not giving it back to you xxx

Peter and David take a little break where they share a cigarette and agree that I'm a dick.


  1. Pete does look fucking cool! and that guitar looks mint!

  2. toy amp feedback! marvellous work

  3. Eating beef and drinking beer...I think that Texas has rubbed off on you more than you realise ;-)